Monday, July 23, 2012

A couple of links related to my Montana Bakken piece

I’m happy to note that RealClearEnergy (part of the RealClearPolitics family of websites) included my American Spectator piece on Montana and the Bakken on their July 6th “Morning Edition.”

I was also happy to see that it got some attention from the mother of all Bakken blogs, Bruce Oksol’s Million Dollar Way.

That blog’s subtitle, incidentally, used to be “All Bakken All The Time,” but has since changed to "Some Bakken Some of the Time" -- something I can relate to, since the subtitle here at Montana Headlines has likewise been through a few changes as the emphasis in my writing has evolved.

Interestingly, one of the parts Bruce Oksol picked up was the effect of Montana’s higher percentage of federal land, and a commenter provided an interesting link to the Rocky Mountain Oil Journal about the 2010 Montana “permitorium,” in which the BLM suspended 61 oil and gas leases in Montana that had already been granted. The BLM was responding to litigation from a number of environmentalist groups hostile to traditional energy development.

It all makes for interesting reading.

Montana Headlines may be a little thin for a few weeks. I’ve got several deadlines for articles I have to have written before going under the knife to have my knee operated on. God willing, I’ll be healed up and wading the Stillwater River in search of trout by October.


Bruce Oksol - said...

That is so kind of you to mention my blog. Thank you.

I hope your knee surgery went well.

Good luck in all our endeavors. Thank you for taking up the baton for Montana matters; I wish I could follow the Montana Bakken story better, but I can barely keep up with the Bakken.

Brad Anderson said...


My pleasure. I appreciated your link to the American Spectator piece, which has of course draw more attention to Montana Headlines and my weekly column on energy matters.