Monday, December 31, 2007

Check out Fred Thompson

Carol over at Missoulopolis posts a link to Fred Thompson's address to Iowans.

His address reminds us of why so many of us were intrigued and indeed excited about his candidacy. He has really been going at it on the campaign trail recently, and he has been quietly assembling and impressive collection of policy statements and white papers on his website that is perhaps the most substantive of any Republican candidate.

It sure would be nice to see him turn in a surprisingly strong showing in Iowa. He is shooting for no less than second place -- quite ambitious in a state where supposedly only Huckabee and Romney have a chance to win.

We've said it before, but the race just keeps getting more interesting -- may the surprises to come be ones that are pleasant ones for conservatives of every stripe.


Andy B. Hammond said...

I came to Fred's side about two weeks ago. I went to his site and read it and decided he's as close to a Conservative as we are going to get. I also like how he doesn't take any crap and tells it like it is.

Montana Headlines said...

Right on all counts.

It's just too bad he doesn't seem to enjoy campaigning, and if he manages to get elected in spite of that disinterest, he will be the first person in modern history to do it.

Even in stories about his appearances that are positive, they always seem to end with him slipping out the back or cutting things short before the people who came out on a frozen winter day to see him get a chance to shake his hand.

For a long time, I discounted those reports as being unfair, but they are just too ubiquitous to believe that there is nothing to them.

When a candidate asks for your vote and asks you to part with your hard-earned money or your spare time, we give that support far more readily when we are convinced that the candidate is out working hard -- first to rise, last to go to bed, never missing an opportunity to make the sale with just one more voter.

It is frankly perplexing that Thompson wouldn't have spent the last months going out of his way to make sure that no-one could portray him as lazy or uninterested.

I agree that he appears to be the best "total-package" conservative in the race, and he's not a recent convert to the cause.

He just has yet to convince me that he has the stomach and stamina for this kind of campaign. So, as throughout this campaign, put me down as undecided.