Sunday, December 30, 2007

Caucus notes, Part II

An astute reader correctly cried foul on yesterday's caucus post, feeling that it was unfair for MH to leave the impression that there was a connection between Mitt Romney's visit to the Montana GOP State Convention last summer and the decision to go with the current caucus plan.

Indeed, in an earlier manifestation of that post, the official MH opinion was registered that we believed the caucus decision to have been made independent of concern for any particular campaign. Somehow, that caveat didn't make it in the final revision of the post, and apologies are in order.

We still believe that there are some potential perception problems, and stand by the observations made in the last post. While we are inclined to trust the movers and shakers in the Montana GOP not to carry water for any particular Presidential campaign, not every Republican we have talked to is as trusting as we are. But we feel that the Montana GOP is more than capable of managing those perceptions.

We have been supportive of the current caucus concept from the first time we heard of it, and we are still supportive of it -- even knowing that the results won't particularly match our own preferences. If it's good for the Montana GOP (and we think it will be,) that's what matters.

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