Sunday, November 4, 2007

May the best man win

Montana Headlines has, so far, refrained from endorsing anyone's campaign. Much of this is because of the fact that we have hard primary campaigns ahead of us, and we're waiting to see how the various candidates perform under pressure.

We have a 5-way race for President. Mike Lange and Kirk Bushman are facing off to see who will face Max Baucus in the U.S. Senate race, Tim Fox and Lee Bruner are running for the GOP spot on the ticket in the AG race, etc...

While we still could see someone else jump into the governor's race, we are prepared to say that it really doesn't matter who it might be -- we'll be going with Roy Brown.

And so, we're happy that the first icon to go up on Montana Headlines is for Sen. Brown (see the sidebar at right.)

There may be others to follow in other races, there may not. We're a bit picky around here to begin with, and we're inclined to see what the Republican voters of Montana have to say about some of these primary races.

Stay tuned for more on the governor's race, but keep in mind that posts of equal or greater importance have been backing up around here. Reviews of books on Benjamin Disraeli and Julius Caesar, more observations on agriculture both modern and ancient, comments on recent symphony concerts, etc. are all in various phases of conception at this point.

Stick around.

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