Thursday, November 1, 2007

Getting the Scoop on Roy Brown

We were gratified to learn that this "level-headed hometown blog" encouraged at least one right-thinking Montana blogger to turn out to see Roy Brown on his whirlwind tour of the state today.

It was interesting to read Scoop's impressions, since a whole lot of people are going to be getting to know Sen. Brown for the first time in the coming months. Those impressions are worth reading, and they ring solid and true.

As Scoop put it, referring to the six-figure investment that the Dems made into attempting to defeat Brown in his most recent legislative race, "no wonder they were trying to sink this guy!"

Word on the Billings street was that Brown returned from his trip invigorated from the enthusiastic reception he received around the state and, well, looking and sounding like someone who is ready to be our next governor. He's at another level of campaigning, and he is showing that he is more than ready for it.


carol said...

Hey, I had to work!

Montana Headlines said...

Quit using that standard Republican excuse! Show up next time Roy is in town and give us all your impressions, too.