Sunday, November 25, 2007

Karl Ohs, RIP

This release was sent to us:

Karl Ohs, 61, of Harrison, passed away with his wife, Sherri, and family by his side at approximately 9:30am this morning at his home in Helena.

Karl had been fighting brain cancer after being diagnosed in March of this year.

Karl served as Montana’s Lieutenant Governor from 2000-2004. He also served in the Montana Legislature, and is most widely recognized for his actions which ended the 1996 Freeman Standoff in Jordan, Montana.

Funeral arrangements and services are pending.

We can hardly do better than to reprise this segment (written back in June at the time of the GOP state convention) from a Charles Johnson piece that touched on the former Lt. Gov.:

As with most political conventions, every speaker this weekend was greeted with loud applause. But the warmest applause came when outgoing GOP chairman Karl Ohs was introduced.

Ohs, a former lieutenant governor, had surgery this spring to remove a brain tumor and is undergoing chemotherapy. He did not seek the party post again.

Standing with his wife, Sherri, Ohs told the crowd, "We're all right today. We have a few challenges ahead. With your support, we'll be just fine."

Politics in Montana, like elsewhere, suffers from more than its share of poseurs, fakers, sharks and snakes. Karl Ohs isn't among them. This Montana cowboy is a thoroughly decent and kind man.

Ohs also is an authentic American hero. At the FBI's request in 1996, Ohs made 19 trips riding his horse into the armed compound occupied by the anti-government Freemen in Garfield County. Ohs played a critical role in negotiating a peaceful settlement that helped prevent the bloodshed of Waco or Ruby Ridge. The FBI later honored Ohs with its top award to civilians.

Montanans of all political stripes are wishing Ohs the best.


Bowen Greenwood said...

I can't claim to have been a best friend of Karl Ohs, but I knew him as a professional colleague in Republican circles. I'm sure there will be a long list of people lining up to sing his praises -- so let me get into line before it gets too long.

Many politicians remember your name, and even greet you by it when they see you. But among them, only Karl Ohs always made you feel -- not like he had come to that place just to see you -- but as though the pleasant surprise of finding you there made the trip worthwhile.

After a long hard tour of good work, he's home.

Anonymous said...

i am so happy that my grandfather had a happy and successful life until us the family had found out he had brain cancer but on november 25 2007 we all had a broken heart and we all were so sad that our husband,grandpa,dad,and a step dad was gone he was an awesome grandpa to rylee hartman, ashlyn wagner,paeton ohs,kiefer ohs,chloe carpenter, hannah carpenter,kyler carpenter and a father to brad,eric,brian and elizabeth ohs and also a father to jessica wagner,jd hartman, katie marthaller,and brandon boylan and had always loved his wife sherri ohs. he was so patient with everybody and was a happy and hard working man. He took his time on everything that he had done like his true sport team penning he was a successful bussiness man he had never put anyone down or tried to so he will always be remembered as a family man or our true cowboy.