Saturday, February 10, 2007

Roy Brown and Montana taxes: he's right on the mark

Sen. Roy Brown, R-Billings, has an excellent opinion piece on the positive effects of Republican tax cuts in Montana. It deserves to be read, and if anyone wants to challenge Brown's data, they'd better be well-prepared.

At least one thing is undeniable when looking at the bulging state coffers, our extremely low unemployment, and generally healthy economy: even if Democrats want to attribute every single positive in Montana's economy to factors other than the GOP tax cuts, they cannot say that those tax cuts prevented bulging coffers, low unemployment, or a healthy economy.

In other words, they helped a lot of people and hurt no-one. So one wonders exactly why Democrats object to them.

Montana Headlines has written before at some length about the way that Democrats, often aided by the press, demagogue and play fast and loose with the truth when it comes to tax cuts.

This is a matter on which Republicans should not back down. If anything, they should push for more income tax and business tax cuts. To quote ourselves from the above-mentioned post:

A "soak the rich" tax policy may make for good Democrat demagogic politics, but it makes for bad economics. The current budget surplus is evidence for that.

If the Democrats who control the governorship and state senate want more money to spend on pet projects, they might consider cutting income taxes even further, since Montana's tax structure is nowhere near the optimum point on the Laffer curve.

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