Saturday, February 3, 2007

"What's Right" addresses coal and oil development

Wildcatter's February 1 post on What's Right in Montana talks about the gap between Democrat rhetoric and Democrat action regarding fast-tracking the permitting process for traditional energy development projects.

The post references a Sidney Herald article in which Gov. Schweitzer, in the heart of the 2006 campaign season, proposed just such a fast-track in response to criticisms that it was harder to get things like pipeline permits in Montana than in other states.

Cutting into Conrad Burns's eastern Montana base, even if just by a handful of votes in each Eastern Montana precinct, was key to a Tester win. And peeling off a couple of traditionally Republican Eastern Montana legislative seats would ensure control of the legislature. So convincing people out east that this group of Democrats was different was pretty important.

Wildcatter's post on "What's Right" is in line with the tentative All Hat, No Cattle assessment that Montana Headlines made at the beginning of the year.

Democrats don't like Mike Lange's bill, HB405. Fine. So tell us what the number is of the Democrat's fast-track bill that would get pipelines or refineries built such as those that were being discussed in Sidney by the governor. That way we can look it up and read it.

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