Tuesday, January 2, 2007

"All hat, no cattle" so far for Dems on coal development

As the Gazette reports today, the much trumpeted (and newly discovered) Democrat interest in coal development isn't translating into substantive policy proposals.

No surprises here. It isn't that hard to figure out how to make the state friendly to energy development, and to do so in an environmentally safe way.

But it appears that the Democrats enjoy the benefits of the political posturing that is necessary in a right-leaning state like Montana, while not being as interested in actually breaking the Democrat mold and promoting real energy development, which in Montana certainly means "green" sources such as wind but as a practical manner means coal and oil.

We now learn that the Democrat plan for coal is to wait for the private sector to commit money to development plans, and then decide whether or how to help out.

And as always, oil is not mentioned at all, even though it is a proven resource and one that helps the fading economy of eastern Montana in places where there aren't coal resources.