Monday, September 3, 2012

Million Dollar Way and the Bakken

Happy Labor Day to all. Hope everyone is out laboring, making the engine of our economy hum. You can be sure that nothing is stopping in the oil fields of the Bakken today -- think good thoughts of gratitude about those hard-working guys while filling up your gas tank on your way to or from work (or recreation) today.

As I ease my way back into things after my surgeries, I want to use today's energy post to thank Bruce Oksol at Million Dollar Way for mentioning Montana Headlines. He had previously linked to my American Spectator piece on Montana and the Bakken, and recently caught the fact that I had linked to him.

Anyone who is interested in what is going on with oil production in the Bakken formation -- especially in North Dakota -- needs to browse through Bruce's blog from time to time. It is the gold standard for just getting lots of information out there.

Montana Headlines is really less a blog than it is a web publication where I put out three columns a week. Million Dollar Way is what a certain kind of blog can be -- multiple posts a day filled with raw information that simply isn't gathered elsewhere. And if the number of hits that arrived at this site within hours of Bruce's post are any indication, a lot of people are following his blog closely.

The material, furthermore, is assembled and aggregated by a thinking human being, and not by a computer program (we've all seen those useless aggregating sites.) So check it out.

I'll be back with more in-depth considerations of energy development in Montana next Monday.

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