Thursday, December 11, 2008

P-base polling

Good stuff over at Montana Main Street Blog regarding the new P-base poll results. What sticks out?

1. ...a record 75% of Montana voters want the state to encourage more timber, mining, oil & gas development while only 14% are opposed. 63% believe Montana’s environment is currently well protected with existing laws.

(So will we see the governor and the legislature taking actions to cause an explosion of such development? Don't hold your breath waiting anything to change when it comes to saying one thing about energy development and doing another.)

2. When asked if they would support Congressional action to take away a worker’s right to a secret ballot in a union election (a provision in the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act”), an overwhelming 77% of Montana voters said no, while only 14% supported it.

(So will Sens. Max Baucus and Jon Tester vote to rob workers of the right to a secret ballot, in opposition to the overwhelming will of Montana voters -- and against the advice of long-time labor advocate former Sen. George McGovern? Probably. It's all about money -- if you have enough of it in campaign contributions from organized labor and its allies, you can overcome the pesky voters.)

3. ...a decisive 94% believe that all state and local government officials should be required to report all of their lobbying expenses just like other lobbyists.

(So will Democrats continue to protect state, county, and municipal employees and officials from having to divulge the extent of the time they spend lobbying the legislature? Almost certainly.)

Good stuff. Too bad it is unlikely to change opinions or behaviors on the part of our elected officials.

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