Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meddling with the election process -- a laughing matter? Apparently the governor thinks so

Read it and laugh -- if you think that sort of thing is funny.


Anonymous said...

That speech is truly mind-boggling! The gratuitous vulgarity and the complete disrespect for a hard-working county election official. Poor Mary McMahon - to be so publicly humiliated and treated as such an unimportant cog in his personal political machine. Mary is a very hard-working dedicated public servant who is in the middle of a nonpartisan race and this comes out making her sound like a lapdog for the Democrat Party.


pissed off in sw montana said...

We will see how well this lying buffoon does when it comes to manipulating his own reelection.

Regardless of their political stripe, Montanans are honest people. Brian Schweitzer does not represent them anymore, if he ever did.

Anonymous said...

The governor says he made up all the stuff about the reservation cops. But does that ring true? Could he come up with that kind of story just off the top of his head? Why would he tell trial lawyers such a thing if he meant it as a joke?

Can the governor now talk his way out of having this investigated? One story suggests it might be the state attorneys generals office that would investigate, which Schweitzer would no doubt prefer But since we're talking about fiddling with a federal election, and stuff that was done on reservations, this might have to fall under the purview of the federal Justice Dept.

Regardless of what happens on that front, at least the public finally has a chance to get a glimpse of the real B.S.

Lamnidae said...

How many different false constructs can you clowns come up with? At least get your twisted panties straight. Who's the victim here? Is it:
A. Mary McMahon
B. The poor GOP vote cagers
C. Indian voters (the gall on this one!)
D. Reservation cops
E. Nuns
F. Pregnant nuns
G. Women

I could probably go on and on. This display of grasping for some kind of scandal traction is pathetic. Definitely taking some cues from the McCain/Palin race in this respect.

Montana Headlines said...

Lam -- let's do a little thought experiment, just for grins, OK?

It's 2006, and former Ohio Sec. State Ken Blackwell is doing a fundraiser in Houston.

"You know, those Dems didn't realize what kinds of strings you can pull when you have a Republican in power. We chased off Dem pollwatchers by having cops threaten to put them in the clink where they could get to know Bruno real well -- you know what I mean (wink, wink.) Etc."

You get the idea. Do you mean to tell me that Democrats would yuck it up at how hilarious that all was?

More likely, we would be hearing the old adage from you guys: "much truth is spoken in jest."

Which is what one suspects was going on with the governor's court-jester routine. It's traditional for the court-jester to tell the truth while making people laugh, remember?