Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Election Day Shenanigans by the governor?

The governor apparently told a lot of east-coast trial lawyers with fat wallets that he used his authority as governor to grease the wheels on the Tester express.

Since the media is currently obsessed with questions about the activities of a certain Alaska governor, we can surely expect that the Montana press will listen to the recording of this speech and do some hard-nosed investigating of things of interest in their own backyard, right?

Maybe there's nothing to it -- or more specifically, nothing illegal to it, but we won't know until the press has thoroughly checked it out. It's not like this is an internet rumor -- the governor's words are on tape.

Have at it, Montana press. Good job to the Montana blogs that have been writing about it.


sydney@alias said...

Just wanted to point out that this started with Rusty at MT Pundit finding it and then transcribing it. It took him hours.

I'm glad that Montana blogs are starting to pick up on this... it's an issue that needs to be addressed.

Montana Headlines said...

The link to MT Pundit is right up front there in the post, as it is in the posts from other Montana bloggers.

sydney@alias said...

I saw that after I posted, thanks and sorry. :)

Anonymous said...

The media in Montana will ignore this, as they ignore anything negative about BS.

Remember how fast "The Walter Ego" got traction?


Anonymous said...

Just typical Chicago style politics, er I mean, just typical Butte style politics. Wait, I guess thats the same thing. I guess old "shucks and gee whiz" Brian picked up a few bad habits since he fell in with them big city folk.