Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Biden -- "no coal plants here in America" (Sorry, Montana)

So much for the 50-state strategy. According to our governor, we are the "Saudi Arabia of coal" (just when the plans to dig it up and turn it into electricity are going to materialize is quite another matter) -- but it sounds like the Obama-Biden team is saying one thing in Montana and another in urban Ohio (sound like a familiar pattern?):

Then again, this is a part of why Presidential campaigns traditionally keep Veep candidates in quiet and subordinate roles when it comes to making policy statements -- there can only be one person in the driver's seat. Ed Rollins, before either of the Veep candidates were announced, said that a campaign manager wants only to hear from the Veep three times: at the announcement of the pick, in the convention acceptance speech, and at the debate.

Of course, Rollins was having to deal with then Veep Bush Sr., so perhaps his view on the subject is understandably jaded. Still, knowing Biden's history, the Obama campaign would have done well to follow the Rollins diet -- cutting back on Veep soundbites.

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