Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Praising McCain" -- another great ad

The McCain campaign continues on its roll, while Sen. Obama is sunning and relaxing on the beaches of Hawaii.

The closing line by Sen. Hillary Clinton is the most priceless of all. And of course, the subtext of the ad is that Sen. Obama, for all of his talk of post-partisanship, has absolutely no record to back up the talk. John McCain is willing to buck his party line for what he thinks is right, and has years of scars inflicted by his fellow conservatives to show for it. Sen. Obama simply couldn't put together a similar ad, because he has no record of working across party lines.

The ad may, of course, remind some conservatives of why McCain wasn't their favorite guy in the primaries, but polls are showing that the Republican troops are coming home to McCain, now that they are faced with the alternative prospect of an Obama presidency.

This ad is flat-out effective -- don't be surprised to see it getting some airplay in addition to the usual internet circulation that has been working so well for the McCain campaign of late. Whoever the McCain camp hired as consultants are earning their keep.

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