Monday, July 7, 2008

Fox News Sunday -- forgetting Sen. Baucus exists

On Fox News Sunday's panel, Montana got mentioned because of us being targeted by the Obama campaign as a swing state. Fred Barnes advised the McCain campaign "not to worry" about Montana -- which is probably sound advice from a national perspective (if McCain loses Montana, it will be part of a national blow-out,) but not so good for our down-ticket races.

But the amusing part of the exchange was where Mort Kondracke stated that North Dakota has two Democratic Senators and Montana has a Democratic governor and one Democratic Senator. Since the memory of Sen. Tester's dramatic squeaker, giving control of the U.S. Senate to the Democrats, has to be still fresh in the minds of political junkies, the inescapable conclusion is that Kondracke has forgotten the existence of the "4th most powerful Senator" on Capitol Hill.

If only it were that easy for us.


Anonymous said...

Even funnier is all of the Montanans that will vote for Obama--because that will be a vote for change--and then vote for Baucus--because he is a Washington insider.

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