Monday, July 28, 2008

Dr. No in a showdown

MH has made no secret about the fact that Sen. Tom Coburn is one of our personal favorites in the U.S. Senate. He is famous for using the power of refusing to go along with the procedure of "unanimous consent" -- making him a one-man Senatorial veto on legislation that would otherwise be shuttled through the Senate without deliberation or debate.

Steps are being taken to try to "deal with Coburn" by Majority Leader Reid. Defeat is inevitable, but as Coburn knows, such defeat is only going to take place on bills that sponsors are willing to have public debate over.

Coburn's techniques may seem extreme to some, but suffice it to say that if Republicans had acted more like Tom Coburn during their last 4-6 years in control of Congress, rather than becoming big spenders that would make 1970's liberal Democrats blush, they might still be in the majority.

Coburn should also be quoted by Sen. Obama on a regular basis, since Coburn's transparency legislation is the one and only bi-partisan legislation of significance that Obama has participated in during his (admittedly very short) Senate tenure.

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