Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tim Fox calls out Bullock -- and makes news at Politico

Republicans are serious about winning the Montana Attorney General race, and in Tim Fox we have a candidate who can make it happen.

Things like the recent Heller SCOTUS decision will help highlight the issues at stake in the AG race -- check out Jonathan Martin's blog at Politico.


Jay Stevens said...

What's at stake here? The issue's been decided by SCOTUS, and you're assuming Bullock is a gun-control candidate.

Usu. your commentary is a little above this stuff.

Montana Headlines said...

While Democrats in Montana of late have been very vocal in their dissent from the usual gun-control advocacy of the national Democratic party, it still took AG McGrath some prompting from the Republican AG candidates to file an amicus brief in the case. He certainly wasn't leading the pack.

It isn't that gun-control is going to be the issue, it is that Montana's AG does have an advisory voice on important national issues.

Montanans can't vote on justices who we feel are out of line in their court decisions, but we can vote on who will represent Montana's interests and views before the courts.

For a center-right person like myself, that choice in this election seems pretty clear -- Tim Fox.