Sunday, June 1, 2008

Still waiting for Lt. Gov. Bohlinger to endorse some Montana Republicans

Montana Headlines has taken the position that Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger, who claims to be a Republican, needs to do some things that it is reasonable for a prominent Republican to do. Like support and campaign for Republicans in hotly contested races. And we would be looking for real help, not "help" that would actually hurt the Republican candidates in question.

Lt. Gov. Bohlinger did admittedly endorse Sen. McCain for President -- at least in the Republican primary. Given that Montana will go easily for Sen. McCain, this isn't particularly bold (although if he continues to support Sen. McCain as Democratic rhetoric ramps up against McCain, can we assume that this is a Bohlinger endorsement of a "third term for Bush?)

But lay presidential politics aside. We have been waiting for Lt. Gov. Bohlinger to speak out in favor of Montana Republicans running for office in competitive races. We can understand it if he doesn't endorse Roy Brown for governor, since he is running on the Democratic ticket. But what about other races? Will Bohlinger endorse Taylor Brown for state senate or other Republicans running in competitive races that will determine control of the state legislature?

Will he campaign against Sen. Baucus? Or will he endorse Grimes for Auditor, Johnson for Secretary of State, Herman for OPI, or the Republican AG candidate?

We can cross the last one off the list, since Bohlinger has endorsed trial lawyer Mike Wheat for AG. Oh well -- he still has quite a few opportunities to burnish his "Republican credentials."


Dave Rye said...

The name of John Bohlinger's late wife Bette was on an internet-posted list of "Montana Women for Kerry" in 2004. I doubt if it caused any domestic quarrels between Bette and John.

goof houlihan said...

I can understand his endorsing Mike Wheat, lots of the Gallatin supports Mike.

Why wouldn't he endorse Denny Rehberg, sheesh, how big a gamble is that?

Nor have I heard him call to "regain control of the legislature" the way EVERY other Republican thinks this year.

PS, I waited for Bohlinger to show up and speak at the dedication of Bozeman's Vietnam Veteran war memorial. But he went to Three forks and waited in an empty cemetary for "all the people to show up".

Maybe that's a good metaphor for what he's doing here.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that such an endorsement would be the "Kiss of Death" for a Montana republican candidate. I truly doubt that any of them are loosing any sleep over it. LOL!

Anonymous said...

One can always count on Dave Rye to make a less than classy comment. Nothing like taking a swipe at a widower and his deceased wife--guess that's a sure-fire way to have the last word, and furthermore, to insinuate oneself into the supposed personal opinions/conversations between them where Dave would never have been invited or privvy to hear. Couldn't be possible to have differing political opinions in the same household, either. I'm sure it never happens.