Friday, June 20, 2008

Clean sweep for McCain at convention

Sources indicate that the official slate of delegates, all McCain supporters, were elected at the state GOP convention. Thus ends the effort by Ron Paul supporters to try to nab the delegate slate. The vote was apparently fairly close, but clear.

Paul supporters have to be disappointed, but they at least had the treat of getting to hear Paul himself speak at the convention, and see him well-received.

Still waiting on "real" news sources with links.

Don't miss Carol's incredible (and incredibly entertaining) Missoulapolis live-blogging here and here. It's almost like being there!

Update: There was some excitement earlier in the day, according to this piece from Chuck Johnson -- courtesy of our Dem friends wielding videocams.

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goof houlihan said...

Democrats up to their sneaky little trickses, gollum. "Might makes right". Yeah, that, and the hotel's private property makes "a right", a "private property right".