Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Montana Headlines is in a fix, or rather -- The Fix

Courtesy of the sharp-eyed jhwygirl over at 4&20 Blackbirds, we learned that Montana Headlines made the list (along with 4&20 and LITW) over at Chris Cillizza's Washington Post blog, "The Fix."

Our thanks go out to whomever it was that put in a good word for MH. The political season is only just now starting to heat up, and there is a lot to talk about. So stay tuned...

But we just have to confess that we'd trade all of this glory for a mention by our favorite NR curmudgeon -- John Derbyshire. Good for you, Carol.

Speaking of which, is anyone else out there addicted to the Radio Derb podcasts?

No? Well you should be. Really -- where else today are you going to get that delicious old-fashioned conservative mix of sarcasm, misanthropy, sharp-tongued wit, and old-time religion? (Political religion that is, since Derb is an atheist -- nobody's perfect.)

And where else can one hear that great old conservative saying on a regular basis: "we are doomed, doomed..."


Steve said...

Not to diminish your achievement, but Wulfgar on the list? That's just frikkin hilarious.

Montana Headlines said...

Wulfgar isn't on the list -- unless you've seen something I haven't. Just 4&20 BB and LITW.

Ed Kemmick said...

Very strange: I followed your links to some other Derbyshire stuff --- and was shocked to discover, as was Derbyshire, that "The Long Walk," one of my favorite books, was actually a hoax! I am crushed. And then I followed a few more links and noticed that the author of "The Long Walk" ended up retiring to Derbyshire, England. It's a conspiracy!

Montana Headlines said...

Yes, but one of the best ways to hide the real truth is to make it look like a conspiracy.

Derb is one of a kind. The fact that he has lasted as long as he has at NR is part of what makes me think that things may have started to recover around those parts.