Saturday, February 16, 2008

About town: The Clintons rock Billings

It is one's patriotic duty to support one's local brewpubs from time to time, so instead of hitting the symphony on this particular Billings Saturday night (not being in a mood to tango,) it is time to visit the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company after a too-long absence.

When last Montana Headlines featured an evening at the YVBC, it was for a Wilderness Society fundraiser. This time, lo and behold, arriving at the door, the discovery is made that none other than the the Clintons are in town.

No, not those Clintons.

Goodness, there are still some standards around Montana Headlines.

We are rather talking about the Montana Clintons.Whether doing original material that is a strange mix of smooth and seedy (is that why they named their band what they did?) like "White Trash Booty," singing Scottish drinking songs, covering CCR (that's Cross Canadian Ragweed -- not the other CCR) and country hits, or laying down an infectious tune like "Alright Tonight," -- well, they make for some pretty decent listening.

And the YVBC plays a good host and serves up a good product, as always. But soon, it is time for old folks to get back home to take some aspirin and go to bed.

Huge wet snowflakes are drifting slowly out of the sky, putting a little magic in the air, and driving through downtown Billings it is hard not to be glad to live in this town -- a place where even Montana Headlines and the Clintons can find some common ground. As long as it is the right Clintons that we're talking about.

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