Saturday, January 12, 2008

We don't need that sort of thing

Montana Headlines has said in the past that Ron Paul's candidacy has been useful in that it gave some voice to the many Republicans who aren't big fans of recent Republican trends in foreign policy. In other words, the people who George W. Bush was speaking to when he advocated in the 2000 campaign for a "more humble" foreign policy, one without as much "nation-building" as the Clinton presidency had offered us.

And he of course has been a throwback to the days when conservatives wanted to drastically reduce the size of the federal government by doing things like eliminating the Departments of Energy and Education -- as did Reagan in his campaign against Jimmy Carter.

Paul's candidacy had already been wearing thin, though. Grassroots excitement is great, but a candidate has to be able to control his own campaign and message, and the fact that he had no desire to do so should have been a warning sign, even to the most enthusiastic libertarian.

Now, as Carol over at Missoulopolis points out, the fact that old newsletters are surfacing with lots of unsavory bits of (shall we say) insensitive rhetoric is a "train wreck" for the Paul campaign. The entire original New Republic piece is worth reading.

It is a reminder of why Wm. Buckley at National Review ran the John Birch Society out of the respectable conservative movement, decades ago.

We just don't need that sort of thing.


DC Kidd said...

Funny that you white people fear “racism” so much while black people relish it. You can’t even talk about race, and they talk about it all the time.

Ed Kemmick said...

The dc kidd, whose names are legion but whose identity is known to anyone who hangs out in the Montana blogosphere, always seems to find racism "funny," and always makes excuses for those who indulge in it.

Montana Headlines said...

There is nothing funny about racism.

The odd thing about dc kidd's comment is that he says "you white people" as though he is a person of color, and then he says "they" about "black people."

It is not surprising that he doesn't realize that he is assuming that I am white, without any proof for it.

What is surprising, however, is that he doesn't seem to know what race to pretend to be for purposes of his silly comments.

Mcdav said...

As Mitt Romney has won 2 of 4 primary states, I find it interesting that people still try to bring Ron Paul into the national spotlight when it's been Mitt Romney who has been making the news from taking either gold or silver in each state so far. As Romney was a no name gov. from Mass in 2006 (when I decided to support him if he ran), he has made his name known within the last year. In my opinion, I believe he is the best qualified to do the job. Visit for more info on him.

Montana Headlines said...

Wyoming wasn't a primary. And, like Montana, it's can't even be called a caucus on the level of the Iowa caucuses, due to the small number of people who are eligible to participate.

That said, Romney is the frontrunner right now because he is leading in the delegate count. (What all of the silly "gold" and "silver" talk is supposed to convey, we're not sure.)

MH will enthusiastically support Romney if he is the nominee, because we support Republicans.

Of the five remaining GOP contenders, he would be the weakest general election candidate, but we will support him, nonetheless -- and maybe he will get lucky.