Sunday, December 23, 2007

Taylor Brown for SD 22

Very happy news for Republicans across the state this week, as Taylor Brown put an end to rumors and speculation, confirming that he is indeed running for state Senate District 22, as many had hoped he would.

SD 22 is one of the monstrosities created by the gerrymandering redistricting committee controlled by Democrats after the 2000 census. It is about 150 miles long, starting in the southern suburbs of Billings, going down the Yellowstone Valley, picking up Colstrip and Forsyth, and ending on the outskirts of Miles City. It has parts of no fewer than 4 different counties.

This is a district currently held by a Democrat, Lane Larson, but Taylor Brown stands a as good a chance as anyone to defeat an incumbent in that district.

Brown is a long-time ag broadcaster, and owner of the Northern Broadcasting System (which included the Northern News Network and the Northern Ag Network) based in Billings. As such, he is a household name throughout the extensive rural reaches of this district. For those who spend any amount of time on the road in rural Montana, listening to local radio stations, Taylor's name and voice are pretty familiar.

He is also just a good guy who is almost impossible not to like. He understands rural and small-town concerns in a way that few candidates probably could, since he lives daily with the news and reports that affect so many of his future constituents.

But he also knows what it is like to run a large business enterprise based in Billings, and thus is in a position to understand his Billings constituents as well.

SD 22 was not drawn with the purpose of grouping people together with common regional interests -- the redistricting commission had no such concerns. It was drawn to try to make a district competitive for Democrats, and it worked for them in the 2004 election.

But if someone is going to represent this sprawling district with its very different segments along its length, it would be hard to think of someone better prepared to do the job justice than Taylor Brown. We'll be following his campaign closely and when the inevitable dirty attacks come (they'll think of something,) we will be a part of responding to them.

The attacks will come not just because Democrats are facing an uphill battle in their attempt to retain control of the state Senate this election -- but because Taylor Brown is a natural future statewide candidate, with his high name-recognition levels and positive image around the state, particularly throughout rural Montana.

But every journey starts with a first step, and this is Brown's first run for public office. Republicans around the state should wish him well, write him a check, and help watch his back.

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Good news indeed.