Sunday, December 2, 2007

Peace and Goudreau to all men

We're starting to have a little fun posting on Mike Huckabee. We know that we're not supposed to like him because of his fiscal impurities, and we may yet begin to listen to the alternately snide and indignant rebukes of those who are smarter, richer, and more conservative than we are.

But for now, it is satisfying for the future of the American poltical process to see that a guy who has raised $2 million has moved firmly into the lead in the latest Des Moines Register Iowa poll 29% to 24% (a lead that is actually outside the margin of error) over a guy who has raised $62 million -- much of which he has pumped in from his private fortune.

He may not win Iowa, and he certainly won't win the nomination (although you wouldn't know it to hear the hyperventilating going on and to watch the long knives being pulled,) but Huckabee continues to promise to make the ride a more interesting one than it would otherwise have been. And he has reminded us all that it is possible to be a conservative and still have the other half of the electorate believe that you might actually care about them.

And his success (along with Rudy Giulini's, truth to be told) has also reminded us that a whole lot of people respond more positively to a guy who doesn't hold all the correct positions -- but comes across as genuine -- than they do to candidates who hold tightly to every poll-tested position that their handlers give them.

And we've also go to ask: why is it that Mitt Romney, who is from Boston, can't get Barry Goudreau (of Boston fame) to come jam with him in New Hampshire? --


carol said...

Hmm, a bass player for president? I dunno. Can he sing?

Montana Headlines said...

A non-singing bass player is sort of perfect -- solid, part of the team, nothing flashy.

Some remind us that our last two musical Presidents were Clinton and Nixon (a pretty talented pianist, apparently.)

Raising Clinton's example is concerning -- there was entirely too much sax going on in that White House. But if Huckabee's band is as much of a "Capitol Offense" as we will see, things will be OK.

carol said...

If you ever played in a trio, you'd know how important a singing bass player is. But I'll consider Huck if he can play the bass part to "Roundabout."

Montana Headlines said...

I'll call him and have him start practicing!

Besides, as you know, the White House is a little bigger than a trio. It's more like Lyle Lovett and His Very Large Band.

Or maybe the Glen Miller Orchestra.