Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Waving the bloody sock

Forget the other endorsements announced this week.

McCain would doubtless have been happy to trade in six Sam Brownbacks for this one.

The political landscape in New Hampshire may be changing soon.


Jay Stevens said...

Dang, that's one sweet endorsement for McCain.

Still, there was a lot of angry backlash against Schilling after the 2004 WS win when he used the national fame to endorse Bush. New England, after all, is pretty fiercely liberal, tho' a guy like McCain plays well there.

Have to say, tho', I'm a big Schilling fan. He seems like a stand-up guy. Plus he resigned for only $8 million! Go Sox!

True Conservative? said...

I wish Huckabee was doing better. He is the real deal.

I have more issues here at home. How can we get behind Roy Brown?

He has voted to spend more money than Schweitzer and I see today in the Missoulian he says he wants to cut government spending but won't say what he'll cut.

I can't tell where he stands. Is he a true conservative?

Montana Headlines said...

If you are a regular reader of Montana Headlines, you will know that while we are still very much uncommitted in the race, we have a soft spot for Huckabee.

He has some weak spots, but I hope he stays in the race long enough for us to figure out if they matter.

As to Roy Brown, he's unquestionably a true conservative. Any definition of "true conservative" that excluded Brown would be a very narrow one that would, incidentally, exclude Mike Huckabee in spades.

Anyone who seriously believes that we would have seen a 40% increase in state spending had Roy Brown been governor rather than the current occupant -- well, we really can't help out much there.

When you're running for office, you have to be careful with what you say. Roy Brown's record is clear -- he is a conservative in every sense of the term.