Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sen. Brown continues his trip around the state

Sen. Brown, as promised, is off and running hard. Travelling around the state, he is meeting with weekly newspapers, radio stations, local clubs and groups, people in coffee shops and cafes.

In other words, Sen. Brown is setting out to win the governor's race Montana-style -- one voter at a time.

So far, here has been Sen. Brown's path around the state:

Monday -- Billings, Huntley, Hardin, Crow Agency, Forsyth, Roundup, ending the day at the Harvest dinner in Lewistown, with nearly 100 enthusiastic attendees.

Tuesday -- Stanford, Fort Benton, Chester, Havre, and Chinook.

Wednesday -- Fort Belknap, Malta, Glasgow, Wolf Point, and Scobey.

Thursday and beyond -- Plentywood, Sidney, Glendive, Terry,Miles City, and Hysham.

Next week will be about 25 cities in Western Montana.

Montana Headlines encourages readers who have had a chance to see Sen. Brown on the campaign trail to e-mail us with reports, impressions, and updates. We feel confident that those who go to hear him will leave enthusiastic about his candidacy.


Anonymous said...

Is there some place online that we could look at where Sen Brown will be and when? I would be interested in meeting him if he manages to make it to the Dillon area. We rarely get candidates down here...


Montana Headlines said...

Moorcat, you're not the first to ask that question. I've not been able to find anything online, either on Sen. Brown's website or on the state GOP website.

I'm hoping that Sen. Brown will start to post a schedule of appearances on his website, or that someone on his staff might choose to "leak" the information to Montana Headlines (hint to anyone reading) so we can post it here.

It is frustrating to learn after the fact that a candidate was in town speaking and you didn't have a chance to go and hear what they had to say.

If you go to the state GOP website and go to the "counties" link on the left sidebar, you can find your county GOP chairman or other contact person and ask him/her what they know about Sen. Brown's visit to Dillon -- for he will surely be coming in the next week, I would think.

If you get a chance to hear him speak, I'll look forward to reading about your impressions on "Pragmatic Revolt."

BTW -- nice post on mail-in voting. I like the term "stand-up" voting -- maybe I'll start using it. You probably saw David Crisp's post on the same subject, where he agrees with you and I agreed with him.

I think that mail-in voting statewide is only a short time away, and I have to again say that I'm one of those dinosaurs who is going to miss "stand-up" voting, too.

I've had some who have talked to me about their concerns about whether a mail-in ballot is as secret as a stand-up ballot. It would, admittedly, require foul-play on someone's part (in the Postal Service or the election office) to link a given ballot to a given person, but it seems to me that there is a valid point here -- when you vote in person at a polling place and drop that ballot into the big box, it's pretty much impossible to be linked personally to that vote.