Thursday, October 18, 2007

Brownback gone -- several more to go

Brownback is out, and it's about time. He had been heavily hyped in some corners as a dark-horse candidate that could electrify the religious right and cause Christians to pour millions into his campaign.

That hardly proved to be the case, to say the least. In fact, the only thing that stood between Brownback and being the dullest knife in the drawer was Tommy Thompson, and when the latter dropped out after the Iowa straw poll, Brownback stood out as the weakest of the lot. Yes, Tancredo and Hunter are certainly more marginal, but each has some charisma and personal appeal.

Brownback is said to be aiming at a run for the governor's office in Kansas. Sounds like a good project for him, and we wish him well.

Hunter and Tancredo surely have to go soon, as well -- they are just dividing the conservative vote further than it already is.

Paul should stay in for the reasons we have detailed before, and Huckabee is no longer a second-tier candidate -- at the very least he is just as "first tier" as John McCain and Mitt Romney.

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