Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Baucus plays politics with the children

Too bad it's not a favorite kids' game. SCHIP is a good program that used to have bipartisan support -- now that Iraq isn't panning out to be nearly as handy of a hammer to hit the President over the head with as they might like, Democrats had to come up with something. Too bad they chose this program.

As we have noted before, a veto over-ride isn't going to happen. So Sen. Baucus's posturing is pure politics, trying to score points against the President, presumably in order to throw red meat to his left flank in order to keep them in line. Baucus knew his bill would be vetoed and that the veto would be upheld. And yet he's shocked that it happened and is playing games, dragging it out.

Rep. Rehberg on the other hand is doing his part by voting to over-ride and asking fellow Republicans to change their votes (even though he knows they won't, it's a necessary exercise.) But he is also acknowledging that what is going to be needed is negotiations with the President and with those Republicans in the House who want changes made to the bill.

It's called compromise. It's nice to see that at least one member of our Congressional delegation understands the concept -- and Rehberg will bring dual credibility to the table: he's not out to embarrass the President or Congressional Republicans, and he does want to make the program work.

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