Saturday, September 29, 2007

Craig's conservative dexterity

Craig over at has pioneered any number of things for Montana political blogging in general and for us poor beleaguered folks ad dextram in particular.

There is his blog itself, his blog talk-radio, and now the development of a blog-wire that allows our readers to see at a glance the latest posts from other conservative Montana bloggers.

We've added it to Montana Headlines, and encourage readers to browse through the offerings.

Montana conservative bloggers, true to the anti-collectivist mindset, tend to concentrate on working on their own sites. They tend not to have been big on linking to other conservative bloggers in order to say, "yeah, what they said!" This is neither bragging nor complaining -- it's just how it is, and it might lead the casual observer to think that conservative bloggers neither read each other nor care about whether their conservative compatriots are successful at their blogging.

As Montana Headlines approaches its first anniversary, we would note that there have been times when the number of conservative Montana blogs with daily or nearly daily substantive political postings could be counted on the fingers of one hand, with a thumb still left over for sucking on when things got bleak for Republicans.

With the appearance of numerous new conservative Montana blogs and the rejuvenation of regular posting by some of the old guard, this is happily no longer the case. As the 2008 elections approach and things continue to heat up, our readers can now easily sample the commentary on other blogs via the "Dextra Montana" feature (or whatever it ends up being called.)

And our sinister blogging friends can know that they will likely not run short on having someone to debate in the Montana blogosphere.

Happy reading...

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craig said...

Thank you for the entirely too kind words.