Monday, July 30, 2007

Montana GOP February caucus is a good idea

While attempts to move Montana's presidential primary from June to February failed (and rightly so, given the price tag,) the Montana GOP's idea of having a caucus in February is a good idea.

Instead of a meaningless primary in June, when the Presidential nominee will have long been decided, a caucus would be a good middle-ground. The state GOP would foot the (very small) bill, and Montana Republicans would have more of a say in who gets the nomination.

Yes, there are those who will grouse about the fact that the rules changes propose limiting participation to those active in party politics, but keep in mind that those active in party politics all have many people that they are answerable to in the party rank-and-file.

In days of yore, these things were decided at party conventions -- which were even more limited affairs, since delegates had to travel to a central location to vote. And somehow, our democratic republic survived.

There are other good reasons for holding such caucuses -- it will give even greater meaning and import to being a "precinct person" in the GOP. All too many precincts either don't have precinct people assigned, or the people who hold those positions don't take them seriously and don't do the work that the job demands.

Bottom line -- this is an internal matter for the Montana GOP. Let's hear the input and complaining, but pay attention only when it comes from Republicans.

Let's hope that Erik Iverson makes this happen.

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Will C said...

This is a great idea. I'm glad to see someone finally moving Montana in the right direction.