Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Democratic Congress needs to make up its mind

First, the Democratic Congress passes legislation to try to hold down gas prices -- something that would only encourage motorists to consume more fuel.

Now, they are wanting to mandate high fuel-efficiency cars -- something that will take far more money out of consumers' pockets in order to pay for the technology than they would ever save through a combination of legislated gas prices and legislated fuel efficiency.

Presumably this is to force motorists to consume less fuel.

So, rather than let market forces encourage (but not mandate) lower fuel consumption, they want to use government to force higher fuel efficiency (which doesn't necessarily mean lower absolute fuel consumption rates.)

The question is whether Sens' Baucus and Tester are going to stick with the environmentalists and take our pickups and SUV's away from us -- or let Montanans decide what they want to drive, and not have to cough up an exhorbitant amount of cash for a new vehicle.

Not surprisingly, Sen. Tester is "visiting with experts on both sides of this issue."

And because Sen. Baucus is closer to an election, he is "hearing from constituents on both sides," rather than experts.

No wonder the Democratic Congress has approval ratings even lower than those of the President.

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