Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Will it never end?

Montana Headlines will bypass the usual and customary comments about legislative discipline, rhetorical and otherwise. Why? Well...

Moving on to some other commentary about this year's legislative session:

Lawmakers attribute this session's length to an unprecedented... budget surplus and the complexity of deciding what to do with it."The big reason is because we have more revenue to deal with than at any time in our history," said one Senator. "It's a long process to sort it all out."

He said that part of the challenge is finding spending options that will be sustainable during future times that may not come with such rosy surpluses.

One of the spending proposals that legislators are trying to get right is a marquee property tax relief plan. Legislators worked through the weekend on the plan, but have been unable to reach a consensus that both chambers approve of.

Some have blamed (the minority party) for obstructing the flow of action with amendments and long debates, but this is simply an attempt to improve legislation, their leader said.

Oops. Wrong state. It just goes to show that we're not that special after all. Colorful perhaps, but not unique.

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