Sunday, April 8, 2007

Best wishes at Easter, without political correctness

A blessed Easter to all Montana Headlines readers -- especially to students who got Friday off for "University Day" or "Spring Day."

It's not as long as "Winter Break" (the break formerly known as "Winter Holiday" until someone pointed out that the etymology of "holiday" was just as abhorrent as "Christmas,") but it is nice that they get the time off.

Montana politics has taken a break up in Helena.. It is still officially known in the legislature as "Easter break," which is appropriate for a body that opens with prayer -- such language must be R-rated, adults only.) But any Montana that contains both Gov. Schweitzer and Rep. Lange will have a quick return of politics with a vengeance, and we'll be back as well.


downtown said...

If you really want to be offended listen to the debate when "God Given" was added to the rights section of the liberty day bill. Every senate dem voted against it and killed the bill. And republicans are supposed to be partisan???

Montana Headlines said...

We actually discussed that in our Feb 28 post. As we pointed out, Jore's amendment was probably intended to reflect the language of the Declaration of Independence.

The fact that Democrats didn't acknowledge that they were rejecting the language of the Declaration of Independence when voting against the "God-given" amendment is more a reflection of an ignorance of American history than it is a reflection of prejudice against Christianity, we're sure.

In order to be offended, one must first be surprised -- and we weren't.