Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jore watch: now the Democrats like him...

According to an informative and wide-ranging article in the Kalispell Daily Interlake, Rep. Doug Cordier, D-Columbia Falls, is quoted as saying this about Jore's position as the deal-maker in the conservative caucus in Helena: “...in some ways, I’m glad it’s Rick who’s in that position. He’s certainly not going to be pressured by anybody.”

Yes, the same Democratic Party who ruthlessly demonized Jore before the session is now pretty happy that Jore isn't going to make things easy for the Republicans to pass their 6 appropriations bills.

Fairness point: we have not done enough research to know if Cordier himself was one of those decrying Jore. We're rather assuming, based on this article, that he probably was a Democrat who was fair in any criticisms of Jore he may have voiced.

Cordier goes on to say some sincerely gracious things about Jore that are worth quoting.

Cordier, a career educator with the Columbia Falls school district, backs Jore up about fairness.

“He is very upfront, he’s transparent and he’s good to his word,” Cordier said. “I would much rather work with a gentleman like Rick rather than someone who has an unstated agenda and is masquerading as someone else.”

“He’s not sinister,” Cordier said. “It just happens he and I don’t agree on how to view our education system.”

Whatever else might be said, no-one can contest the fact that Jore has made this legislative session far more interesting to follow. We're glad he's in Helena this month and not back at his trout farm.

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