Friday, February 9, 2007

Montana Headlines is Shocked, Shocked

Shocked, that is, to learn that campaign bloggers hired by John Edwards used profanity in their posts and used inflammatory language when talking about Christians and conservatives.

The Edwards campaign should just tell their detractors that they need to get out more. Profanity is practically de rigeur on popular liberal blogs, as is calling the opposition inflammatory names. And isn't it a pretty mainstram liberal opinion that the Republican party is peopled by "wingnut Christofascists?"

A simple search for the "f-word" using the search engine on The Daily Kos website over the last year yields 175 hits. That's just the ones the engine catches, and doesn't include include any of the abbreviated forms. A Google search for a combination of "Daily Kos" and the f-word yields "about 860,000" hits. The first page alone from Montana's popular (Montana Headlines never misses it) Wulfgar site has three, and a corresponding Google search yields nearly 17,000 hits.

If the Edwards staffers had acted otherwise, they would have suspected of being plants for Edwards. That would be accurate, of course, but accuracy really isn't the reason they're on those blogs in the first place, is it?

If campaigns want to use bloggers to sell their wares, they'd better be prepared for the fact that their people are going to go native. Who knows, some of them might even find themselves convinced that they should be working for the other guy -- which if their boss is John Edwards, is not entirely improbable.

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