Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kobe beef revisited

One may wonder why, when the war in Iraq was today voted on by Montana's U.S. Senators, Montana Headlines would be revisiting the Kobe Beefgate stir.

The answer is that our Senators' culinary recommendations to the Senate Dining Room chef are no less binding than is the non-binding resolution on the Iraq surge that our Senators voted for today.

Anyway, Montana Headlines was so busily noticing how the Senators waxed eloquent for the world about our cows -- "Montana cattle graze on the high plains and in the mountain valleys so their beef is natural, delicious and healthy..." -- that we neglected any substantive media critiques.

We note that The Western Word made no such mistake. They asked what should have been an obvious question to a website dedicated to critiquing the Montana press: will enterprising reporters delve into finding out how long foreign beef has been appearing on the Senate menu?

And if this isn't something new, why has it taken our senior Senator, Max Baucus, 28 years to notice it, or care?

In other news, Sens. Tester and Baucus have submitted a non-binding resolution calling on Kobe Bryant to change his name to "Montana" Bryant.

Kobe Bryant

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