Saturday, January 13, 2007

Republican or Democrat: Who gets the credit in Montana?

An editorial in the Great Falls Tribune addresses an unfortunate reality: politics is often the enemy of good government. While the political process is a necessary one, too many politicians forget what Ronald Reagan always knew.

Mentioning the ongoing debate about "who won the Cold War," Peter Schweitzer's article in the Hoover Digest a few years back reminded us that

one person who never got wrapped up in this debate was Ronald Reagan. One of the last items to be removed from his Oval Office desk in January 1989 was a small sign that read “It’s surprising what you can accomplish when no one is concerned about who gets the credit.”

Which leads us into the Tribune editorial about who gets credit for toughened sexual predator laws.

As Attorney General, Democrat Mike McGrath has the bully pulpit and ability to capitalize on positive press about his involvement in the proposed legislation by Sen. Gary Perry, R-Manhattan.

As pointed out on these pages before, if Republicans can be portrayed as whining by much of the Montana press, they will be. And if Republicans concentrate on scoring political points against Democrats, they will not only fail in their legislative goals, but won't get the points, either.

The Trib editors rightly say to both sides: "knock it off, fellas." To Republicans, it Montana Headlines would add: "you fellas can politic better, and smarter, than that."