Saturday, January 6, 2007

Promotion of Tussing continues

The Gazette today has a big spread on Mayor Ron Tussing, headlining on the front page that he had a strong 1st year.

The first quotation in the article gives him the resounding vote of confidence of Greg Krueger, executive director of the Downtown Billings Partnership: "He has done more than an adequate job." Most of the article seems to point out that he hasn't caused as much trouble and division on the City Council as many had expected. Now there's an accomplishment.

As noted before on these pages in Tussing opposed the ad before he voted for it (before criticizing it), Tussing is being groomed for bigger and better things by the Democrats and the Gazette.

There is nothing wrong with political ambition when it is wedded to a commitment to good government service. So far, Tussing hasn't shown that he hasn't used his position as mayor to cause the kind of endless trouble that he did as police chief, and he is credited with "running good meetings."

He apparently takes his guitar with him and sings things like "Home on the Range" and "We Shall Overcome." Whether Montana is quite ready for that in higher offices remains to be seen. It brings back very bad memories of Lamar Alexander on the presidential primary trail, but perhaps Tussing can pull it off.