Friday, January 19, 2007

Davison watch: another tick on the Gazette counter

While the Gazette has not run as many articles on the Davison scandal over the past month as Montana Headlines expected, the prediction that the Republican party would be brought into every story has held true.

In today's Gazette, where it is reported that a "bit player" in the Davison scheme was cleared , Davison is identified as "a Billings businessman, community leader and 2004 Republican candidate for governor...."

Political memories are short for most people, and Montana Headlines wouldn't be surprised if many readers are beginning to think that Davison was the Republican nominee for governor.

Davison lost the Republican primary election pretty badly. But don't expect the Gazette to note that fact.

Davison is, as pointed out here in the above mentioned post, "known for one reason, and one reason only -- his defrauding of investors and his pleading guilty on federal charges."

Don't expect the Gazette to note that fact, either.