Monday, December 18, 2006

Billings Gazette gives ACLU wrong headline

The ACLU is at it again, this time in Bozeman, as "ACLU questions monument decision" tells us. Their diatribes against public displays are more boring than offensive, but the ACLU actually does believe that posting the Ten Commandments is a threat to liberty, civilization, and the American way. So the tedious work of opposing them in their arrogant intrusiveness must continue.

The article itself states that the US Supreme Court has ruled that such displays are Constitutional as long as they do not imply government endorsement of a religion.

Therefore, the headline should have read: "ACLU attempts to intimidate Bozeman City Commission."

Since the ACLU doesn't have a case, their veiled threats amount to an attempt to accomplish through intimidation what they know they can't accomplish in the courts.